The Flowjo

                                                                              100b Brewer Lane,  Carrboro, NC

Scott and I are looking forward to celebrating the birth of our new movement & music studio, the hoopdrum flowjo, due sometime this fall/winter.

We expected for the studio to be open months ago, but now understand the reality of permits, construction and codes (oh my!) The owner of the building installed a sprinkler system and is currently adding a second bathroom and exit to bring the space up to code. We are cultivating patience while our landlord, architects, crew and inspectors do their thing. Despite the disappointment of delay, we are grateful that the space is becoming a reality. We hope to host you all soon! The current estimate is January 1, but if it happens before, we’ll surely open up for holiday festivities.

I sincerely appreciate so many of you inquiring about hoop classes, lessons and flowjo events while we’ve been planning and waiting…Please stay tuned. We’ll open the doors as soon as we possibly can.

If you're interesting in hosting an event at the space, teaching or participating in some way, hollar!

What is a flowjo?

If you’re wondering what is a flowjo, you aren’t the first. It requires a slight stretch of the mind to visualize since it’s a unique, evolving concept that will continue to unfold with the participation of the community.

The word flowjo emerged in one of our brainstorms after finding the space. Inspired by a dojo, which translates to place (jo) of the way (do), the flowjo is a place of the flow.

Flow arts

Flow arts are becoming increasingly popular as tools for moving meditation, holistic fitness and performance art, as well as catalysts for creating community. These activities that challenge the bodymind through focussed energy, to an attainable edge, can facilitate ‘peak’ experiences. This peak, a place beyond thought, when one is fully in the present moment, or in the zone, is also referred to as a flow state. Psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, argues that these experiences, in art, music, athletic and academic practices, can cultivate a deeper sense of wellbeing and satisfaction with life, beyond that moment, activity or peak. Find your flow, find your bliss.

The flowjo aims to be a home for flow arts of all kinds. Hooping, Yoga, music, free-style movement are all ways to deepen relationship with the self. Dedicated practice is the key to unlocking one's own mysterious, unique beauty and sense of peace and well-being.

It isn't easy to dedicate oneself to practice. Sometimes, it is space, physical & mental, that keeps us from deeply engaging with our practice. Having a practice that isn't easily contained inside a home can create a serious obstacle for self-discipline. Scott's practice requires aural space; mine, physical (especially vertical) space. We hope that the flowjo, with its vertical clearance and aural freedom, will help support our shared practice with one another, and the larger flow community.

Flowjo Classes

Given my near decade relationship with and study of the hoop, the flowjo will have a primary focus on hoop dance and will host an array of hooping opportunities for all ages – classes, jams, private lessons, custom hoop fittings, performances, practice space, make-your-own-hoop-playshops. I’m so excited & grateful to have a home for my practice and teaching after many years of teaching at various studios, schools and wellness centers.

The flowjo will also offer an aerial dance program (silks and trapeze), as well as workshops in poi, staff, fire spinning, contact staff, contact juggling, acro balance, flagging, juggling, circus fundamentals, flower sticks (aka devil sticks), dance, performance art, music, ecstatic dance.

In addition to educational opportunities, we plan to host unique performances, jams, shared practice space, a retail space and other fabulous collaborative events with live music.

Our vision is to:

* cultivate a home and rehearsal space for flow & circus arts, dancers and musicians

* create a venue that is centered in conscious embodiment and expression (not a bar)

* provide a safe, nurturing space for personal exploration through practice

* share these arts with the greater community through performances and learning opportunities

* house a retail space with unique, locally made wares, hoops, drums, hoop tape & other skill toys

* facilitate fun, exciting ways to exercise the bodymind

* offer creative curriculum for youth that enhances confidence, coordination, strength & balance while providing foundation for healthy brain development

* inspire movement – on all levels

* foster community

* nourish the soul


If you, your child or someone you know has a testimonial to share about hooping, drumming or hoopdrum, we would be sincerely grateful to hear them. These could have a great impact on our funding potentials for the flowjo space.

In gratitude,