Secular Dervish Whirling

As anyone who's seen me hoop knows, I'm fascinated by and inclined towards continuous or Sustained Spinning with the hoop(s). This practice has evolved organically over time as I have followed my bliss deeper and deeper into the spiraling movement of the Universe. This inclination and ecstasy deserves its own blog, if not a whole book, but that's another late night=)

Right now, I'm delving into this study and looking for more examples and historical references to Sustained Spinning and Dervish Whirling in both Sacred and Secular spaces. Inspired, I revisited an amazing example that my girl Revolva shared with me a while back. It is stunning, but also amusing (you'll see the tourists' total ambivalence to the phenomenon before them.) I had never seen regalia like this before. The skirts are absolutely amazing and create a whole new world of possibility for devotees of Spin!