Welcome. I am a Hoop Dancer by both trade & spiritual calling. This path is multi-faceted including teaching adults & children, social outreach, performance, fire dancer and crafter. Of course, that also means that I can get bogged down in the requirements of a small business owner, making me also an accountant, booking agent, marketing specialist, secretary, manufacturer, saleswoman, event planner.

When I am not hooping or performing one of the various aspects of the duties mentioned above or cooking nourishing meals, I'm reading and thinking about hooping and the ways in which this movement - and the states of flow and bliss achieved through that movement - challenge and enhance life. As a student of mystics, World Religions and Fine Arts, I am feeling called to re-vitalize my writing practice and thus have initiated this blog.

I hope that others will gain something through my musings here.

In flow,
aka Jewels