Hoopies, 2008

Hoopie Award Nominations: Gratitude
Picture from Weaver St Market, 2004

I just found out about these nominations and feel honored to have been nominated for Fire Hooper of the Year. Also, "Hoops for Haiti" was nominated for "Event that introduced hooping to the largest audience".

I am honored that an evening of playful filming with Scott on drums "Friday night date" was the video that introduced me as a fire hooper to the youtube & hooping.org community. AND that an event that was very significant for me, the local community and a group of Haitian orphans (who had never seen hooping before) was recognized as well.

Thanks for the nominations.

Since I never posted this fire hoop video on tribe and have found a recent fire video from a holiday performance, I thought I'd post them.

Fire Hoop Drum (this is the very simply revised video from the original that was linked to hooping.org.)

Dec. 1 performance with A Full Circle~

In gratitude & revolving joy