Uniting with cosmic spirals

Not long ago, I had this experience hooping where I had a vision of - passing. By passing, I mean leaving the physical body and re-turning to the universal energy that exists and enlivens everything, everywhere. The vision was of my hoop spirit guide. She is of light - as is her hoop. She is very present in my day to day life. For instance, if I am sitting listening to music with my eyes closed, she dances with her magically radiant hoop. She moves more fluidly than I and she reveals movements I've never seen or tried. I had been hooping all day at the Carrboro Music Festival and, though somewhat exhausted, I spun my last dance in the space where the Sufis had been spinning all weekend to celebrate Rumi's birthday. I hooped for two songs, then sat down, closed my eyes and opened up my heart with a stretch. Then I saw her, dancing in another realm. Suddenly, I knew that I would join her and that 'Oneness" upon passing from this physical embodiment. It was like seeing the other reality. I was totally comforted and at ease.

I realized, in that moment, that this dance practice allows access to our cosmic essence. I've known, intellectually, that the movement does represent the movement of our atoms and the galaxies- our micro and macro cosmic realities - but in this moment, I felt a deeper understanding and connectedness - as if this practice is training me for another more eternal realm, for passing from this physical existence. I was suddenly at ease with the thought of death. Perhaps I'll re-turn, spiral into, the state that I feel is so divine about hooping - the revolving blissful connection that is attainable for moments at a time here within the dance. What if the eternal existence of passing is our return to the uninterrupted flow of spiraling energies that create the entire universe. This is not to say that the practice is not also training me/us for this life because the practice certainly is on many levels. I believe that understanding and feeling of connectedness is absolutely something to acknowledge and access in our physical existence, psyche, health, relationships and worldly affairs. As we hoop, I do believe we may be able to access this universal power and channel it into our lives in whatever way we need, consciously or unconsciously. I also wonder if in this space, we are able to commune and embrace all those who have come before us - as we create a vortex through our movement. Maybe we can mingle with the spirits of our ancestors, predecessors, grandparents, old friends during the dance.

I'm not sure that words are going to do this justice, but the moment held great significance for me. Lots of people say death is the hardest on the living. The passing of a soul may be the most difficult part for all.

Earlier tonight I began to sob when thinking of a friend's preparing for her mother's passing. I couldn't control the overwhelming sadness, but was not sure who I felt the sadness the most for. I thought of her, her relationship, my own mother, father, sister, love, the empathy, the patience, how temporary we all are and the loneliness felt when our loved ones leave, even if headed to a more peaceful place. I realized I am more at ease with the thought of my own passing than those I love and depend on around me.

My dear friend, Laurie ~ my thoughts and heart are with you and your mother in this time...I look forward to sharing the sacred and eternal hoop space with you again.
~ With love...