hoopdrum performances & programs always include stunning hoopdance, moving music and ear-to-ear smiles.

For any occasion, our unique styles
are carefully tuned to fit in the
most complimentary way.

~ menu ~

Hoopdrum Performance - Hoopnotizing dance to live music. We offer holographic, LED & fire performances. Private parties, schools, variety shows, city events, fairs, festivals, corporate functions, art shows, intermissions, and events of all kinds, we aren't scared of the unusual gigs either. If even more is needed, the "hoopdrum collective" will bring a full circus with a range of amazing performers and musicians.

"Hoop & Drum Jam" - A hands-on, participatory music & dance experience where everyone gets to hoop & drum. We provide hoops and percussion instruments for your group to use. These jams are often magical, but you can at least count on a powerfully fun, interactive and inspiring event. Demonstration and instruction are included.

Hoop Jam - This is a group hoop dance to live music a la Scott. Think of it as a hoopers' ball. We supply hoops for the crowd to use as well as the music for the event. The sounds are up to you. Enjoy the pulse of Scott's solo rhythms, or perhaps his duo or trio. If an entire funk band is necessary, that is certainly within the realm of yes. AND, if there is a hankerin' for canned music, we can DJ the event, complete with a booty-shaking sound system.

Roving/Street Performance - Similar to a stage performance, roving gigs reflect special needs such as multiple performance locations and/or crowd interaction. Kin to the jugglers, stilt-walkers and other circus folks, we can enhance the vibe at any event. Cost can also be adjusted for busking situations.

Busking - Street performing for gratuity.

Informance - Especially tailored to meet the needs of any event, we use sound, movement and information to entertain, educate and inspire. These are particularly well suited for school groups, wellness in the workplace, or other group events. We are equally as flexible working in a variety of "themes." These programs always include fun hands-on group interaction & participation.

Hoop Crafting Party - We bring all materials for folks to wrap their own hoop, customized and personalized to each individual. Costs vary on size of group and size of individuals (children-size /adult-size ;)